My day In Lansing MI

Last year, I decided to spend a few days in beautiful Lansing, Michigan. This unique capital city has plenty to offer, and I wanted to explore it for myself. I was certainly in for a treat, and I began by visiting the local chamber of commerce for some friendly information . As an animal enthusiast, I had to go to the Potter Park Zoo . I loved the central location, and I liked the fact that it was easy to find. The Potter Park Zoo features more than 160 species on 102 acres of land. As a result of this, I spent plenty of time walking and exploring the facility. One of my favorite animals to see was the snow leopard. I had always heard that it is very difficult to see snow leopards in the wild, and it was fascinating to see a real one in Lansing. After my tour of the zoo, I hit the gift shop and discovered many fun gifts for my numerous nieces and nephews. They will be enjoying their zoo Christmas gifts this year. I could go on about the farmers markets and quaint shops that I discovered during my time in Lansing. I am looking forward to going back to Lansing next summer, and I hope to see the snow leopard once again.

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