Invasion Of Ants & Stinkbugs in Lansing MI

It’s not uncommon to experience an unpleasant encounter with stinkbugs and ants but to have them invade your home is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Most pests are intelligent creatures and they possess a good set of instincts to navigate to their newfound home. Pests are naturally equipped with the ability to dodge extermination attempts as they’re very adaptable and can sense danger. This leaves us with troubling thoughts if we’re ever going to be able to do away with them. Luckily, extermination services provided by companies that specialize in pest control do their jobs proficiently. We can trust their expertise to aptly remove pests and ensure their presence isn’t felt again.

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Preventing Stinkbugs

Stinkbugs are a pesky bunch and preventing them from invading can be accomplished in a few steps. Stinkbugs like to hide in the clutter of a home. Keep clutter to a minimum and eliminate their hiding places. If you like to pick up second hand furniture at a yard sale, second hand store or hand me downs from family or friends, check such furniture for signs of stinkbugs. Better yet, leave second hand furniture outside in the sun for at least 24 hours.

Cover mattresses and box springs with a protective covering. Stinkbugs just love to hide in box springs and mattresses and using light colored coverings will make it easier to spot them. Check the coverings regularly for holes and worn spots and replace if any such deficiencies appear. Vacuuming your home or apartment regularly will help to eliminate any infestations. If you use a shared laundry facility, make sure the washer and dryer are clean before and after use. Bring clothes in a plastic bag and after drying put the clothes back into a plastic bag and fold at home. Read our article about our day in Lansing MI.

Seal cracks around light sockets and baseboards to discourage stinkbugs from coming in. Install door sweeps at all interior and exterior doors will also help. If you think you have stinkbugs consult a bed bug professional.

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