Mouse Infestation and How to Deal with them

Mouse infestation can happen at any time and as cute as mice may seem, they are dangerous guests. Mice carry a variety of disease, as well as love to chew on anything they can get in their mouth. The critters are always on the lookout for a warm haven and food. Mice can be seen scampering around the home and heading for a hiding place if they think they are in danger. If you see one mouse, you can be sure there are others. Call us for the best mice control Lansing MI,

The tell tale sign of a mouse infestation is their little droppings. When cleaning up such mouse residual, be sure to wear masks and gloves and disinfect the area. Throw away any food that may be suspect of contamination. Other telltale signs are pieces of chewed wall, holes in baseboards and scratching inside walls.

If a mouse infestation is suspected, it is wise to call in an expert to rid the house of the mouse problem. The expert will first inspect the outside of the home and identify and close any points of entry for others waiting to get in. They will then take steps to eliminate mice already in the home with traps. If the expert proposes using a poisonous pesticide, be careful if you have pets and small children in the house.

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